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Max Donald Mackinnon, born December 31, 1980, who performs as Esoterik or Eso, has been an Australian hip-hop recording artist and founding member of the group Bliss n Eso since 2000. His nine-track EP, My Astral Plane, earned him a nomination for the 2018 ARIA Award for Best Urban Album in May of that year. Additionally, the EP rose to the ARIA Albums Chart top 50.



We want to take the time to thank the incredibly talented musician Eso who recently shared his music for our feature documentary titled Washed Away. We cannot express how grateful we are that you allowed us to use and share your unique sound. Your phenomenal contributions have genuinely lit up and inspired the entire Washed Away production team.

Your music and artistry have added an invaluable layer of depth to the film. We are in awe of your talent, generosity, and commitment to excellence in everything you do. We can’t wait to hear more of your music and look forward to working with you on future projects. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us bring Washed Away to life.

Terry Webster

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