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Free Flow Films is a studio born from the passion and vision of Terry Webster and Stuart McKay. Their mission? Craft films that delve into Australia’s heart, exploring its REAL challenges and beauty through the lens of humanity, love and longevity.

Backgrounds of Terry Webster and Stuart McKay.

Terry Webster has an illustrious career in films around the globe and is known for his strength in harsh environments. He has a keen eye for storytelling. His work as a DOP and editor, from the wilds of “Man Eats Wild” to the tales of ABC’s “Fightback Farmers,” showcases a dedication to films that inspire and provoke thought. Stuart McKay complements Terry’s vision with his impeccable music scores and sharp cinematography,  sharing a boldness to traverse Australia’s most challenging terrains to capture its stories. Like Terry, Stu’s specialities are in tourism and films for humanity, and both are incredibly dedicated to being one of Australia’s best film producers. They are a one-stop shop.

Genesis of Free Flow Films

The genesis of Free Flow Films was as dramatic as the stories they seek to tell. Witnessing the devastation and recovery of Australia’s most costly disaster firsthand, Terry and Stuart were inspired by the community’s stability. This experience lit the spark for Free Flow Films, a studio dedicated to telling stories of the great Australian spirit.

Community Engagement and Future Directions

By supporting Free Flow Films on Patreon, you become a part of a community dedicated to driving dialogue and action through compelling storytelling. Join us in our mission to make a difference. Support independent filmmaking and help us continue to craft films that inspire and provoke thought.

Challenges and Triumphs

Despite facing the industry’s typical hurdles, including small budgets, legal matters, and the daunting task of bringing significant Australian stories to the screen, Free Flow Films has emerged. Their dedication to producing impactful cinema on a shoestring budget has showcased their creativity and commitment to their craft. But this comes as a challenge. It’s only sustainable to tell these types of stories or, even more so, controversial documentaries, with support from an entertainment legal team, & realistic budgets. We aim to produce four compelling documentaries that start a conversation and, most importantly, spark action to assist with fixing the issue and enhance the quality of life. We are looking for a philanthropist with the same core values to partner with and work towards the mission.

Impact and Awareness.

Free Flow Films has become an Australian production company of attention, sparking conversations on critical issues like the Norther Rivers Floods through their documentary “Washed Away.” Their work highlights the power of community and the urgent need for action, making a tangible impact on audiences and beyond.

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